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Do you've questions about SEO packages? Don't hesitate to ask.

Yes, because we love to help our clients in the best way possible! We customize everything we offer that includes our packages and services as well for all clients based on their needs. Few of them want more tweaking in their content than the rest, while others may need code fixes and technical optimization. Our expert team is here to give your website a quick check and give you a detailed proposal for SEO that incorporates everything your business should have.

In case your business requirements or budget require some sort of change, we will totally be fine with that. All we want is for our clients to be satisfied. And once they get satisfied with the services we offer, they keep coming to us again!

Google has given a warning on its legitimate website that users should be careful of those SEO companies that give a guarantee on rankings. You will be happy with our services and keyword positions. We have dealt with many clients who appeared in the top 10 rankings of the results and to reach on the top of the rankings is only possible through our techniques of white hat SEO.

It’s the expertise of someone that makes him stand out. We feel great to provide top-notch services to our clients and our expertise and professionalism are highly appreciated by our clientele.

Totally! We love to provide customized SEO packages and plans based on what our clients need. After all, our services offerings our made for them then what would be the use if they wouldn’t meet our clients’ expectations, right?

Some clients need more creative content creation and want to build high-quality links while other clients have different needs. But we are always ready to customize our services according to our clients’ requirements.

Our team of SEO specialists makes sure that our services and the deal we have agreed to with our clients bring out the best results.

The cost of our SEO plans starts at $2500. It is possible for you to get legitimate SEO less than this cost, but you should know that some people who offer cheap prices for SEO don’t put much effort into your packages.

People want professionalism and someone who has a knack for SEO. If you contact us for your SEO package or plan, you can rest assured that our work would be worth the price.

Our in-house team will work with you to produce a comprehensive analysis to understand what your online strategy needs to excel.

We use a competitor analysis and off-site audit to identify opportunities for your SEO strategy. From there, we will work with your leadership team to find the best off-page SEO package for your needs.

We research your niche and find the popular sites that link sites like yours. Then we create great content on your niche and publish. After publishing the content, we contact those potential sites to link your content.

We also research your competitors with similar content. Check out who is backlinking them. Then we find the sites who didn’t link your website and approach them for a backlink.

We try to create some good infographics for sites. Infographics have been a great way for us to get quality backlinks for our clients.

SEO will cost around $700 � $1500 monthly. The gap that you see in the price will be distinguished based on the specifications of your website and the kind of content used in it. This s a very significant approach used on the basis of the development of your website which plays a positive role for your SEO.

If you want your SEO to generate effective results, then there�s a price to pay. But when you contact our SEO specialists, this price would never go to waste.

Yes, you can buy more or different packages in the future. Even though our SEO packages are more than enough to boost your rankings and make your website on top of the search engine results. We understand that every client has to maintain their ranking and give the existing ranking a good boost, so we have made this process easier for you.

You can easily contact us to either upgrade or downgrade your current package or plan.

Every owner who wants his or her website to have high search engine visibility and on top of the google search engine results, SEO suits best for all of them.

If someone is paying for SEO, it is only relevant if the website is capable of driving the necessary R.O.U for their business. If you think that your website should bring a large amount of traffic and leads, then you really need an SEO expert or specialist who will control your website, look for areas for improvement and is ready to work with you on a long-term basis to generate targeted links and content.

Once you know the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you can easily identify whether the SEO services are of low or high quality. Some of the things you should keep in mind are:

  • Cheap agencies have no problem in taking advantage of business or website owners. They inject jargon into their proposals technically which makes it look as if they are doing so much work, but in reality, most of their tasks take less time to complete. Not only this, they don�t have a positive effect on your campaign.
  • If there isn�t a section for the link and content acquisition in your SEO proposal, then you must stop. These two elements have the most impact on a successful campaign for SEO. If an agency isn�t aware of this, they probably don�t know how to bring you the best results.

The SEO pricing packages are so extensive in a range that it requires to digging a little deeper into what SEO is about and what it involves. You can recognize the effort which is needed for SEO by observing the effort and time it takes to write a detailed blog article and how it is heavily targeted for particular keywords. It�s a great way to determine the need for SEO for a beginner or an entrepreneur.

Although, doing this is not an easy task and man people don�t want to go to the depth of writing and research. Hence, whenever you look at the SEO pricing packages, they should have the relevant cost of what they offer in them and shouldn�t be based on hours.

SEO experts who price based on hours won�t possibly include the cost of links, content, and tools and so, they may not be much efficient. That�s why your approach should depend on what you want to achieve � more sales, revenue, and leads.

Depending on the package you prefer, we provide custom reporting either quarterly or monthly. Primary campaigns are quarterly while advanced and business campaigns offer monthly reporting. At True Diamond, we’ve developed an SEO reporting platform that you can log into and review interactive reports.


The answer is clear and straightforward: No, inbound linking cannot hurt your search ranking. If inbound were to harm your rank, your competitors would continually link to your site from link farms. Such a scenario is beyond your control. For this reason, Google cannot punish your site for any inbound linking.